Cars on cruise – "Roll on, Roll off".
The largest port facility in the Port of Hamburg specializing in wheeled cargoes is located at the O’Swaldkai Multifunctional Terminal. Hanseatic Tally Service as an expert, independent company offers professional inspection service of new vehicles there.

A sense of care for every running meter.

After new vehicles are delivered by RoRo or ConRo vessels, on trucks or by rail, we subject these to checks certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Condition and inventory checks are conducted on new vehicles. We examine the vehicle chassis for damage with the aid of a mirror on the ground. Every new vehicle is scanned and allocated a slot. This guarantees immediate availability of relevant detailed facts "just-in-time" for customers.

In addition, we offer an "everything for your vehicle" service package that combines checks for damage with stuffing new vehicles into containers.