As experts officially appointed and sworn by Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Hanseatic Tally Service offers surveys that are conclusive in content and visually of high-quality.

Our duties as surveyors cover such shipping-related services as ship and cargo inspections, advice on securing cargo, the preparation of condition reports in the event of damage and also documentation on damage.

Professional treatment guarantees that we offer detailed damage surveys, secure evidence and produce documentation that all create opportunities for claiming regress.

Expert knowledge and experience enable us to handle cases of damage for goods of virtually all types transported by a great variety of means of transport, such as oceangoing vessels, containers or trucks.

What really counts here?
Independence, expertise, impartiality.

To be absolutely certain.
We accordingly guarantee comprehensive and objective recording and presentation of the damage report, research cause of the damage, assess the plausibility and compatibility of the facts as described and advise on damage prevention.